So, what exactly is wellness coaching?

Wellness coaching looks at you as whole; mind, body and spirit. It's not enough to just be able to change your nutrition and give you a training program. If internally you're not working optimally, or mentally you're not past some issues there will constantly be blockages in your progress. Wellness coaching looks at all aspects of your life and little by little gives you the power to take control, learn and move forward with a stronger mind, body and spirit.   

Do you offer training to females of all ages? 

Absolutely!  Females at all ages struggle with different issues. Each client is treated towards their specific age, goals and any health issues/concerns. 

I want to enter into fitness competitions, can you train me? 

Unfortunately not! Whilst I have personally competed, this is not my area of expertise.

I can however recommend some coaches that will guide you through your journey and that will ensure you get to a healthy competing stage. 

I have a sports related injury (injury) can you still coach me?

Sure can! I like to call this rehab your injury. If you are working with an allied professional this would be a great time for me to be in contact with them to ensure that we are on the same page.

If not, thats also okay, I will provide the rehab based on your injury and your current pain. Rehabbing an injury takes time and recovery depends on the person, so if this is you allow patience but know that you will see great results at the end. 

I want to lose weight fast. Can you help me do this? 

Nope. At Felicia Soria it's not a part of our coaching to drop weight fast. If it's a bi-product of the work we provide you then sure that's great! However if you are under the influence that cutting calories, high cardio levels and running yourself into the ground is going to help you see those results, we might not be the right fit for you. At Felicia Soria you will lose weight, but you will lose it for longevity. It may take a little longer but the great part is that it's going to stay off.

How do I know which membership plan is right for me? 

The membership prices vary depending on which membership best suits you. There is an option for all price levels. If you find there isn't please reach out anyway with a team member to discuss your options. 

Do I need to sign anything?

100%!  There will be a Terms & Conditions Waiver that needs to be signed upon joining with Felicia Soria. It just acknowledges that you understand the terms of your commitment to Felicia Soria Wellness Coaching.