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Hello friends, I'm Felicia

Welcome to the world of Wellness Coaching, I'm happy you're here.

As the name suggests I am the founder of Felicia Soria Wellness Coaching. 

I’m just as passionate about my coaching as wellness itself.  I like to show off in the kitchen, make a mean margarita and boogie to reggaeton. 


You might spot my fur baby- piña from time to time, together we're here to bring you a little more sparkle to your life.

"Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start"...

I get asked a lot of how I came to be a wellness coach and why in particular, I specialise in training females. 


Well, I like to think that life has a funny way of guiding us on our path and revealing our “callings” and looking back, mine started from childhood.

Like many kids who experience weight issues, I too was bullied. Jumping from one fad diet to the next resulted in years of discontent before finally, I decided to myself “enough, I’m in control”!

I knew I had to go inward, and my journey to self discovery I suppose is like many journeys of the same nature, non-linear and through much trial and error. Somewhere in the midst of sunshine and storms, there has been clarity. Moments of pause where I have found my voice, my truth, my joy and my peace. 

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Over time, I have collected what I like to refer to as my ‘Mary Poppins bag of wisdom’, an infinite amount of tools to help break down those barriers and expose hard truths, with resources to achieve self-love and now I want to pass them onto you.

I dedicate a large portion of my life to educating and empowering females and young girls to step into their truth and operate from a growth mindset.

To all the females who are seeking empowerment, I hear you. To all the young girls who struggle with any kind of weight issues, I see you.


As for why I only train women, that’s an easy one, I identify and connect with all the things that embody the female spirit and it’s my mission to set females like me on a path to greatness. 

"If I can, believe me, you can too".




This is my calling. 

I promise to show you how to have a little fun along the way  

From time to time, I grace your inbox with tips and tricks to make training and nutrition actually enjoyable. It should never feel like a chore to exercise or a burden to cook a meal and when you're doing it with me, it wont feel like either. 

Jot down your details below and come and have some fun. 

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