At the heart of my coaching lies the grounding belief that we should all strive for wellness. 

This meaning, daily routine habits that are healthy in body and in mind as a result of a conscious effort. 

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My methodology is not a cookie-cutter approach. Each of us is made uniquely with our own blend of DNA  and so deserves it’s own respective approach to wellness. 

It can never be a one-size fits all. For this reason, whenever speaking with a perspective client, I will always drill down on personal needs and work out a customised program to help support you on your journey. 

I'm also a fan on educating ourselves in order to thrive. A big part of my wellness program involves equipping you with the right mix of material to inform and inspire. From topical webinars, to guest speaker events, interactive group sessions to podcasts. I like to get down to the nitty gritty, speak openly about hush topics and all the fun stuff that comes with being a female. 

Think we go together like gin & tonic? 

That's funny, me too.